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WildEndurance will not be taking place in 2016. Please do not register for this year. 


Promotional Material

WildEndurance personalised 'Sponsor Me' poster

You can download the poster below (either 50km or 100km) and fill them in by hand, letting your creative juices run wild!  

WildEndurance inspirational images

Email templates

Copy one of the following templates into an email to your friends and colleagues and adjust the sections in red.

Email #1: Serious

Subject: Please sponsor me in my 100km challenge


I am competing in the 2015 WildEndurance event on 2nd - 3rd May 2015 to raise funds for The Wilderness Society.

This means I will be walking 100km over 2 days through rivers, valleys and over mountains to help The Wilderness Society continue their great work.

My goal is to raise $400 to play my part in protecting Australia's wild places. Let me do the hard work, your part is easy!

Please visit my page and sponsor me in the event to show your support, you can click on the link below to view my page:

Insert your fundraising page url here.

The Wilderness Society is an independent, self-funded, non-profit organisation which relies entirely on the ongoing support and commitment of people like you for its success in maintaining a healthy and sustainable environment.

Using every peaceful means possible, The Wilderness Society works across Australia to secure a safe environment for future generations - by mobilising the community, driving world-class science and exploring sustainable economic solutions.

Thanks for your support!

<< your name >>


Email #2: Humorous

Subject: Enduring chaffing in sensitive areas to help the environment


I have registered to run/walk through the Blue Mountains for 100km to support the work of The Wilderness Society.

Myself and other environmental enthusiasts will be walking or running (or crawling) for 100km all day and night to show our support and to help the environment. We will be climbing mountains, crossing rivers and enduring aches, pains, cramps, chaffing (best remember to pack Vaseline) and blisters all in the name of the environment.

There are 2 ways to show your support for both my efforts and those of my team:

1. Meet us at each checkpoint (all night) and apply Vaseline to sensitive areas, give me a foot massage, make us energetic snacks and supply words of encouragement (and witty banter)

2. Simply click on the link below and make a donation - it will take a minute and you will receive a tax receipt immediately:

Insert your fundraising page url here.


Thanks for your support - you can rest with the knowledge that I am out in the bush training for the next few months!

<< your name >>


Email #3: Poetic

Subject: A poem for support

There is something I’m about to do,

And it doesn’t seem quite right,
Have you ever walked 100kms,

through the day through the night?

I’m walking to raise dollars

In this WildEndurance walk

As I put my best foot forward

You can see I’m not all talk


It’s sure to be a tough one,

Over mountains and through bush
I am sure to get some blisters,

and a mighty sore old tush!


There'll be pains in all my joints

And in certain area’s of mine …

There’ll be some serious chaffing

Mostly 'where the sun don't shine'!

You know 100kms

is a marathon times two!
Then add 16 more kilometers

Is it something you would do?

!f not then don’t dismay!

Please rest assured my friend
You too can play your part in this,

If some dollars you will send!

I’m putting myself through all this pain

To help The Wilderness Society
By training hard and wearing lycra,

With far too much sobriety

The most important thing of all

Is to raise much needed funds

To protect our wild places

And redefine my buns!

So please support our planet

And sponsor me if you could?
It all goes to a fantastic cause,

You’ll be doing something good!


So thank you in advance

For supporting this 100km sensation

Whether small or large I’m grateful

For what ever your donation!


Just click this link below

It’s quick and easy for you to do

Think of me and the Vaseline

And be grateful it’s not you!

Insert your fundraising page url here.

Thanks for your support.

Your friend,


<<your name>>

The poet (but you didn't know it).


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