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WildEndurance will not be taking place in 2016. Please do not register for this year. 


What's our plan?


As Australians, we love the great outdoors; we depend on nature to live, work and play. Worryingly though, the threats our cherished natural world faces are piling up quicker than we can address them — but we’re about to shake things up.

With the help of our passionate supporters, the Wilderness Society has been at the forefront of some of Australia’s most historic environmental campaigns for over 30 years. The Franklin River, Fraser Island, land clearing laws, Wild Rivers, Marine Parks, Tasmanian forests, numerous World Heritage areas and most recently, James Price Point.

Our successes have been many. We’ve protected millions of hectares of native bush, millions of square kilometres of ocean, and countless native species. But despite this, our opponents are only getting bigger and stronger. The threats aren’t going away, climate change is a danger of unprecedented proportions, and now, politicians are declaring war against traditionally sacred regions like national parks and conservation areas.

Without trying to sound like a politician up for re-election — the time for a bolder vision has well and truly arrived.

Great, so what’s the plan?


Here’s how it’s going to go down:

We are devoting increasing resources to scientific and economic arguments for nature to counter the general negative discourse being spouted by politicians and businesses that should know better. We’re also making a point of pursuing conservation objectives that are supportive of Indigenous rights and respectful of Indigenous ecological knowledge.

We’re focusing our efforts into articulating a solid argument for business and governments to wake up to these factsWe believe it’s a fallacy that conservation outcomes and economic stability need to be mutually exclusive, and we’ll continue to hold leaders in our society to account when they try to spruik this theory.

We want you to be at the centre of our workWe want to find out about the places you love because they inspire you, reconnect you to what is most important, and bring you a sense of meaning and belonging. We want to know how you connect to this great land of ours so we can give you all the tools and support you need to speak up for it.

We’re also on a mission to keep as much carbon in the ground as possible, so the natural landscapes we have come to cherish will be maintained for generations to come rather than radically disfigured by the mounting threat posed by climate change.

And we want to continue to connect, learn from and work with all of you who make up this growing and passionate movement for nature, without whom all of our best efforts would be meaningless. All the while we will continue to focus on iconic places across Australia that need immediate defence from ecological degradation and destruction by greedy developments.

People power


We understand the power of people to make meaningful change in society. It’s what underpins our work. This is our best bet against destructive industries and irresponsible governments, and it’s the very reason we have committed to help drive the Places You Love alliance; a group of likeminded environmental organisations across Australia with over 1 million combined supporters behind them, and a real force to be reckoned with.

Even in its infancy, this alliance has been successful in raising the profile of the importance of environmental laws and getting the Rudd government to commit to keeping environmental laws out of state hands — a critical step in the process.

Robust and resilient environmental law is at the very heart of conservation. With your help, we will arrive at a point where the laws that protect the places we love ensure long term protection regardless of which political party is in power.

The outcome


There’s no denying that this a massive undertaking and equally massive commitment. But with you behind us, we’re up to the task. Things won’t change overnight, but we’re in it for the long-run.

We’ve never been the kind of organisation to rest on our laurels and we will always continue to evolve and rise to meet new challenges. Moving from a reactive to a proactive approach puts us on the front foot for nature. Putting out spot fires for eternity is an outdated approach to conservation, having the firebreaks in place to begin with is the way to go.

Stay tuned, nature lovers, the game is about to change.


Science for Wildlife 

This year, WildEndurance has partnered with Science for Wildlife and 2% of the funds raised during WildEndurance 2015 will be donated to the organisation. The funds will be used to support koala conservation programs in the Blue Moutains area, specifically, the training of koala detection dogs and GPS equipment to help track and tag koalas.



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